Zitrone Parfum

Zitrisch, frisch und vitalisierend – mit den Zitronen Parfums von Birkholz erlebst du belebende Düfte, die dich den ganzen Tag mit Frische versorgen. Die zitrischen Noten verleihen dir ein besonders erfrischendes Gefühl und sind die perfekte Wahl für alle, die einen besonders frischen und belebenden Duft suchen. 


If you are looking for a fragrance that smells of lemon, Citrus Splash from the Classic Collection is the perfect scent for you.

The orange fragrances from Birkholz are Luxury Passion, Pacific Drive and Seductive Rose.

Our citrus fragrances are Citrus Splash, Pacific Drive, Portraits of Portofino, Berlin Sky and Ocean Hills, Luxury Passion, and Seductive Rose.

Our perfume recommendations for women over 50 are Portraits of Portofino, Citrus Splash, Pacific Drive, Velvet Orchid, Wild Desires, First Spring.

Freshness for every day

The unmistakable citrus scent of lemon perfumes has a particularly mood-enhancing and invigorating effect. Lemon fragrances are not overpowering, but are still present and give you energy for your everyday life. There are many citrus fruits that are suitable for lemon perfumes. Depending on the fruit, citrus fruits can smell sour, fresh, bitter or sweet. The best-known citrus fragrances are lime, orange blossom, bitter orange and citrus absolute. Lemon perfumes often have their citrus component in the top note. With our fragrance compositions of unmistakable citrus aromas and the highest quality fragrance oils, you will experience a breathtaking and refreshing fragrance experience all day long. Our fragrance recommendation for your modern, unforgettable citrus scent for everyday use is Citrus Splash.

Discover the scent of fresh Italian lemons

Italy stands for citrus fruit like no other country. This is why lemon perfumes are particularly popular in Italy. The sparkling scents of lemon fragrances can whisk you away to a unique vacation on the Mediterranean, for example to the port of Portofino. With our Portraits of Portofino fragrance, you can experience for a brief moment how the picturesque landscape of citrus and aquatic elegance merges with the deep blue of the coast. The scent of citrus trees in the top note blends with the scent of jasmine and magnolia in the heart note. Finally, the fragrance is perfectly rounded off in the base note with spicy, woody fragrance notes such as amber, musk, ginger and patchouli.