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The secrets of the art of perfume


mysterious. opulent. Mystical
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The mysteries of modern nobility
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A fragrance trip around the world


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The secrets of the art of perfume
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Fragrance & Flowers

Fragrance & Flowers

Discover the unique connection between fragrances and roses and let yourself be enchanted by the latest innovation, the Fragrance & Flowers boxes from Birkholz. A sensation with a breathtaking surprise effect. A colorful sea of ​​infinity roses shimmers wrapped in beautiful fragrances.

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Fragrance & Flowers
Discover the unique connection between scents and roses
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Exclusive niche fragrances

Discover the noble niche fragrances of Birkholz Perfume Manufacture for a unique sensory experience and perfumes that tell a very special story behind every fragrance. Immerse yourself in the depths of the art of perfumery, the secrets of modern nobility and the notes of the remote, paradisiacal places in the world with our niche fragrances and noble compositions. The inspiration for the niche fragrances can be found in the special memories and moments that Philip Birkholz associates with every creation. Far away from the mainstream, these stories and compositions can also be found in the luxurious and selected ingredients of the fragrances. Every single niche perfume is bottled and refined under the highest quality standard in the Berlin manufactory in order to create a perfect work of art for every customer. Exclusive niche perfumes that reflect the specifics of each customer and the individuality in every fiber.

birkholz parfuem berlin heaven


The perfumes of our manufactory and our concept do not reflect any mainstream fragrance creations. Each of our fragrances is a work of art, created far from the world of mass production. All perfumes are made in the Berlin manufactory and filled by hand and finished under the highest quality standards. In addition, our customers have the option of adapting their perfumes to their preferences with personal engravings or the choice of their Italian leather cap.

Since we at Birkholz Perfume Manufacture work in the field of niche fragrances and create and produce our own fragrances in our own manufactory, our perfume sommelier has a great deal of flexibility to let his creativity run free. Philip Birkholz collects perfume inspirations on his travels, in his memories and the very special moments in life and captures them in his niche fragrance compositions.

We have the exclusive opportunity to carry out a fragrance journey with our trained staff or with Philip Birkholz personally. During this journey, you will immerse yourself in the world of fragrances and stories of inspiration. Here you can also have fragrances from the Classic Collection mixed, among other things, in order to find your new favorite fragrance and your very own niche. Our niche fragrances are suitable here in a wide variety of variations for the preparation of a mixture, and our staff will accompany you on the way to your perfect perfume.