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Fruity scents

Fruity scents

Fruity fragrances have a pleasant summery aroma and let you dream of palm-fringed Caribbean beaches or lush orchards. Perfumes with fruity aromas smell particularly fresh and summery. Go on your very own fragrance journey with Birkholz and bring fruity fragrances home in a bottle.



      "Fruity fragrances" are particularly modern, fresh and summery. They are obtained from a wide variety of fruits and are particularly tangy. At Birkholz, we only use high-quality perfume oils from the world's best manufacturers. This is how we can guarantee you the high quality and durability of our perfumes.

      Our perfumes with fruity essences include Charm Mystery, First Spring, Seductive Rose, Secret Rendevous, Endless Moment, Exotic Journey and Leather Trance.

      There are many different fragrance families, such as floral, woody, fruity, oriental or spicy. These are used to divide the different perfumes into different groups. They can be used to create perfumes that are as individual as you are.

      Fruity scents of birch wood

      Fresh, sparkling and invigorating

      Fruity-fresh scents tell their very own story of hot summer days or magnificent strawberry fields. They smell particularly fresh and invigorate your senses. Together with heavy fragrance notes - such as musk, caramel or sandalwood - perfumes are created that have an excitingly fruity and invigorating effect. Citrus fruits smell wonderfully fresh and are easy to wear in everyday life. Tropical fruits create a holiday feeling and ensure a particularly exciting fragrance experience. Birkholz offers you exclusive perfumes from the fruity fragrance family that underline your individuality. We set high standards for ourselves, because we always want to surprise and inspire our customers anew. We like to combine fruity fragrances with floral fragrances, because these compositions ensure a pleasantly fresh fragrance experience.

      birkholz parfuem
      birkholz parfuem

      Who do fruity scents suit?

      Fruity fragrances smell of unconditional joie de vivre and bring color to everyday life. They are women and men who are firmly in life and enjoy it to the fullest. They are suitable for the office as well as for hip beach parties or noble events. Women in particular prefer fruity perfumes because they smell pleasantly fresh and very feminine on the skin. Fruity men's perfumes usually contain spicy scents that form a harsh counterpoint to the freshness of fruity aromas. With our sommelier sets you can combine and buy several of our perfumes at an unbeatable price. This is how you find your own personal favorite fragrance that you no longer want to give up. Immerse yourself in our world of fragrances and discover fruity-floral perfume creations of first-class quality.

      Birkholz - Noble perfumes from Berlin

      Perfumes are true luxury products that are extremely complex to manufacture. We at Birkholz perfectly match every single nuance of the most diverse fragrance families in order to be able to offer you high-quality perfumes. We always place the highest demands on our perfumes. Our customers are real individualists who are only satisfied with the best. We therefore only use perfume oils from the five most renowned manufacturers in the world to create beguiling fragrance experiences that will inspire you. Our perfumes have an extremely long shelf life because we pay attention to a particularly high percentage of perfume oil. We manufacture each and every one of our products ourselves in our small Berlin manufactory and are constantly developing new products and promotions. You can conveniently order all perfumes online or buy them in selected perfumeries.

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