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Woody scents

It doesn't matter whether it's noble cedar, elegant rosewood or exotic patchouli: a perfume with woody scents always exudes a touch of luxury and is as multifaceted as the wearer himself. Let yourself be inspired by the scents of our Black Collection, Woody Collection or Classic Collection inspire and take you from the stately country estate to everyday business life.



      The fragrance family "woody fragrances" is characterized by a special variety of different nuances. Woody fragrances are made from bark, shells and other parts of wood using classic steam distillation. The quality of the raw material ultimately determines the quality of the end product. At Birkholz we only use perfume oils from the world's best manufacturers.

      For us, woody scents include the following: Lady Cannabis, Cedar N' Pepper, Iris N' Wood, Sir Santal, Leather N' Green and Royal Vetiver from our Woody Collection. Also, the fragrances from our Black Collection, namely Dark Amber, Iconic Oud, Intimate Incense, Tobacco Sense and Mystic Haze. And finally our Classic Collection: Supreme Oud, Berlin Soul, Black Weed and Forest Fantasy.

      There are many different families of fragrances in the world of perfumes, each with their own qualities. In addition to woody, there are, for example, the fragrance families floral, aromatic, fruity, oriental or spicy.

      No, woody scents are also very popular in women's perfumes and are becoming increasingly popular. How a perfume smells and works in the end depends on all the individual components. Woody fragrances can be perfectly combined with other fragrance families. It is best to do your own smell test on your skin to decide which perfume suits you.

      Woody scents from birch wood

      Warm, noble and full of secrets

      Sensuously scented woods are like a sweet promise in combination with oriental scents. At Birkholz, we combine a wide variety of fragrance essences and use them to create unique perfumes for people who know what they want. Let the heavy sweetness of woody scented perfumes enchant your senses and wear a touch of luxury on your skin. Depending on which essences from other fragrance families they are combined with, the aroma of woody fragrances also changes. The combination with flower extracts and fruits creates a warm, mossy fragrance experience that is reminiscent of a walk in autumn. Tobacco or leather create a smoky, spicy perfume. The tart fragrance underlines particularly strong and charismatic personalities who are firmly in life.

      birkholz parfuem
      birkholz parfuem

      Who suits woody scents?

      Woody fragrances are mainly found among men, but are also becoming increasingly popular in the world of women's fragrances. Men especially love the components of sandalwood or cedarwood as they create a dominant masculine aura. The addition of citrus fruits, however, makes woody perfumes lighter and can also be worn by women without being obtrusive. The best way to find out if a perfume suits you is to try it on your own skin. With our sommelier sets you get four mini bottles that you can put together yourself. Or go on a journey with our perfume sommelier Philip Birkholz and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of fragrances. Either virtually or in our Perfumebar in Berlin.

      Birkholz - Fine perfumes from Berlin

      Perfumes are luxury products whose production is extremely complex. Every single nuance must be perfectly matched. This requires intuition, passion and, of course, the right nose. At Birkholz, we always set the highest standards for our perfumes: We only use perfume oils from the five most renowned manufacturers in the world and always pay attention to the highest quality. Our perfumes have a particularly long shelf life because we pay attention to a particularly high perfume oil content. We manufacture all our products ourselves in our small Berlin factory and are always developing new products and promotions. Convince yourself and get a touch of luxury at home.

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