Corporate Scent

your corporate scent

Create a unique corporate fragrance that captures the history and facets of your company and holds it for eternity. Take a prime opportunity to make a lasting impression and harness the power of fragrance. Strengthen your brand image with an individual corporate scent from Birkholz.

fragrance creation

Phillip Birkholz, the perfume sommelier of our fragrance manufactory, takes the time to create a unique creation with you.

Let us accompany you from the first to the last step on the way to your perfectly tailored corporate scent.


To strengthen your brand profile, we offer the option of engraving. Both the bottle, the packaging and the cap can be finished with the company name and logo.

Piper Perfumery

Lovely Memories

The "Lovely Memories" perfume is a collaboration between the Pieper and Birkholz family companies. The fantastically flowery-creamy bouquet is dedicated to the founder and namesake of the Pieper perfumery, Anna Pieper. This composition is an unprecedented success story for one of the corporate scents of our perfume manufactory.


A corporate scent is an individual perfume tailored to you and your company.

A Corporate Scent is a chance to make a lasting impression by using scent marketing for yourself.

In addition to the corporate scent that you can select individually, we also offer the option of customizing the cap, bottle and labeling of your corporate scent.

Are you interested in a cooperation? Write to us!

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