Perfume Glossary


The nuts and bolts of an individual fragrance are unusual and balanced aromas such as amber or apple blossom. But the values ​​of BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture also start with A for recognition. The expanded range of scented products includes scented jewelery as a bracelet or the argan care range. But under A we also find the heart of our Perfumebar – the bottling plant for bottling individual and personal perfumes.

apple, apple blossom; Pineapple; ambergris; anise(stars); bottling plant; Aroma, Recognition, Amber Intense, Bracelet, Argan, Atomizer


B for enthusiasm for the world of fragrances - that's what we at BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture stand for. However, essential fragrance terms such as flowery or base notes should not be missing under this letter. The base note of a perfume forms the basis for every fragrance composition and is often made up of wood and musk aromas. In addition, the base note has the unique property of entering into a special connection with the fragrance properties of the skin. In this way, a very individual note develops in each person.

bergamot; flowery, pears, Berlin, Berlin Collection, BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture, base note; Blossom, Bamboo, Enthusiasm, Business, Advice, Branding, Branded Gifts, Berlin Soul, Berlin Sky, Berlin Dream, Berlin Lights, Berlin Fever, Berlin Heaven, Black Weed, Brandenburg Gate


C like Classic. Our Classic Collection offers you the opportunity to put together your own individual perfume. With the help of our perfume sommelier, we will find the right one for you from 25 fragrances. As a second step, you can choose between the classic bottles Ruby (square) or Victor (rectangular). 22 leather cap colors and an engraving are available for the final touch of personalization of the perfume.

Cassis flower; cassis, coumarin; ClassicCollection; Christmas, Corporate Scent, Charm Mystery


D like fragrances. The BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture is dedicated to the world of fragrances. As a perfume sommelier or fragrance consultant, we advise you with attention to detail. This is how we find your very individual and personal fragrance signature. Are you more sporty or do you live glamorously? Bright and inspiring by day or mysterious and adventurous by night? With a total of seven questions, we take you on the first stage of your fragrance journey to support you in your fragrance self-realization.

scent / scents; Fragrance journey, fragrance consultant, fragrance jewelry, fragrance self-realization, detail, Dreilinden


E for deceleration. In our Perfumebar you should arrive, feel good and linger. With peace and time we advise you on your personal fragrance journey. For us, slow fragrance as a trend means exactly that – taking the time to consciously choose your own fragrance signature.

Exotic, refreshing, deceleration, endless moment, exotic journey


F like spring...summer, fall and winter. Every year we feel and smell spring based on scents such as fresh grass, lily of the valley or sprouting blossoms. Dewy grass, first rays of sunshine - as revitalizing as the first walk in spring - First Spring: In the top note, the scent of apple blossom mixes with peach and lemon. Spring smells light, fresh and floral.

floral; freesias; Spring; Flacon Fresh, fruity, fruity, finely tart; fresh / freshness, family, family business First Spring, Flora Femina, Forest Fantasy


G like gift. Which woman or which man does not look forward to a very personal gift? We offer you the opportunity to create the classic gift - perfume - individually for the person who would like to receive a gift.In addition to the selection of our fragrances, we also offer an individual fragrance journey with the aim of creating your own perfume mixture. A personal engraving rounds off the perfume gift.

geranium; green apple, grapefruit; Present; Story; Odor; engraving, engraving machine; Grass, Grasses, Spices, Green Garden


H like heart note. After the top notes of the perfume have evaporated in the first few minutes and the character of the fragrance has been attuned, the body of each fragrance arrangement opens up - the heart note. Finely harmonious, it forms the gradations between the base and top notes and is perceptible for the longest time. It often consists of floral accords of rose, freesia or jasmine.

raspberry; hazelnut, woody, tart, heart note; Heliotrope Necklace


I like customization. At BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture, we have made it our mission to be able to create your very own personal fragrance. Away from the mass-produced goods from the shelves, the perfume as a whole should be individually tailored to you, envelop you and become your second skin. As perfume sommeliers, we advise you on your own tailor-made perfume - very individually.

ginger; Iris; Image film, individual, individuality, individualization


J like jasmine. It is also called the royal flower. Especially in the heart note, jasmine is the most popular floral scent next to rose. The exclusive flower oil is obtained from the fine white flowers and is one of the highest quality oils in the world. Jasmine smells like honey, intensely sweet with a floral aroma and fruity, herbaceous undertones. Jasmine;


K like top note. The dramaturgy of every perfume begins with the top note. It's the first thing you notice about the fragrance. The beginning of the perfume usually opens with fresh and gently floral notes. The top note dissipates the fastest and releases the heart note of the perfume after about ten to fifteen minutes. The duration of the transitional moment varies from perfume to perfume.

cardamom; Coriander, top note, composition, concept, art


L like lavender. The plant is also called the soul of Provence. The many small blue-violet flowers exude a bittersweet scent - fresh and spicy at the same time. The plant with an aroma somewhere between flowers and herbs was already used by the ancient Romans and Greeks as a perfumed care additive. The scent of lavender has a calming, balancing effect and promotes relaxation.

linden blossom; Lavender; Lime; labdanum; lychee; Leather, Leather Cap, Lovely, Luxury Passion


M like Manufactory. In long, detailed work, we have developed 25 hand-picked perfumes. However, since we would like to share the passion for fragrances, it was important to us that you as a customer could experience the development of the individual perfume. That's why we, as a manufacturer, offer the opportunity to be there every step of the way when the selected glass bottle is specially filled at our heart, the Perfumebar. Our customer can be there up close when the pump is used and the flacon plate is engraved and applied.

lily of the valley; Tangerine; Mango; Almond; lemon balm; moss, musk; manufacture almond(s); Mint, Magazine


N like (fine) nose. Every perfume should be as individual as its wearer. For this we not only need a fine nose for scents, but also for you as a customer - a feeling for which scent suits which character.

Nose, Natural Savage, Niche, Niche Perfume


O like oriental. Scents like those from 1001 Nights bring the Orient to life. Notes of oud, leather, sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vetiver or amber exude a touch of sweet sensuality, passion and warmth.Oriental perfumes usually have animal, woody and leathery scents and are therefore classified as "heavier". Sweet balms, fine vanilla or spicy aromas refine and round off the scent.

orange blossom; Orchid; Orange; Oriental, Openness, Ocean Hills, Online Perfume Sommelier


P like perfume. More precisely, Extrait Parfum is the perfume with the highest concentration of fragrances. As a rule, perfumes have 15 to 30 percent fragrance oil content - as "Intense" even up to 40 percent. With Eau de Parfum (EdP), the proportion of fragrance concentrates is already very high at 10 to 15 percent. It is very intense and used very sparingly. The volatility of Eau de Parfum is much lower than variants such as Eau de Toilette (EdT) with a concentration of six to nine percent or Eau de Cologne (EdC) with a fragrance content of three to five percent. So it can happen that Eau de Parfum can still be smelled after days. We at BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture have a fragrance oil content of 18 percent and are therefore already in the Extrait Parfum range, but still declare our fragrances as Eau de Parfum.

Perfume, Perfume Oils, Perfume Sommelier, Perfumebar, Perfume, Patchouli; (pink) pepper; peach, personal, personal fragrance, peony, plant


Q like quality. As a manufactory offering a niche perfume, quality is one of our corporate values. For us, quality is not just an empty phrase, it is what we demand of our products. We obtain our handpicked perfume oils from the five most renowned perfume oil manufacturers in the world - from Switzerland, France and Germany. But not only the quality of our perfumes is important to us. We were also very careful when selecting our bottles and the hand-sewn leather caps from Italy, and spent a long time searching and tinkering until we had developed our current manufactory perfume with the BIRKHOLZ concept. The specially developed bottling plant is the heart of our Perfumebar - based on our own ideas and drawings, it was manufactured in Italy according to our quality standards.



R like rose. The queen of flowers is not only the symbol of love and admiration, but also the carrier of a precious fragrance that is considered the epitome of femininity. People in Persia appreciated the scent of the rose very early on – this is how rose oil was originally produced there. As one of the most expensive fragrance oils of all, it is obtained through the steam distillation of the flowers. The warm, soft scent of the rose stands for sensuality and seduction.

rose(s); rosewood; smoky, smoke, calm, risk-taking, Ruby


S like self-actualization. Through work, private projects, clothing, the interior of the apartment, choosing your favorite flowers or your very own perfume - just like many like-minded people, we strive for self-realization on different levels. Self-realization is one of our corporate values. For us, fragrances are as unique as life itself. They underline moments, revive memories and for many people are an expression of their personality. We make it possible to experience the very personal scent.

Slow Fragrance; Sandalwood; Saffron; Blackcurrant, Sensual; Sweet, Self-realization, Secret Rendezvous, Seductive Rose, Sunset Romance, Soupreme Oud, Victory Column, Senses, Search, Longing, Soft-Touch, Sommelier


T like test set. Those who visit us online first only have the opportunity to get to know our fragrances through their own perfume stories and fragrance notes. We want to make it possible for you to find your fragrance online. That's why we developed the perfume sommelier as an online test. With the help of seven questions, we filter out four out of 25 possible perfumes for you.You can order these four fragrances, each as a 3ml flacon sample, as a test set. If you then decide to buy a perfume, the price for the test set will be credited back to you. Of course, you also have the option in the Perfumebar to first decide on the test set with four fragrances of your choice. Finding your very individual and personal scent takes time and rest.

tobacco, tonka bean; TestSet


U for corporate fragrance. Every company has its own philosophy and values ​​that define itself. Also in terms of corporate identity, every company develops logos with individual color combinations. We also offer our business customers the opportunity to create their own corporate fragrance: We look for the right fragrance based on the philosophy. Whether a classic, noble and somewhat heavy perfume with notes of leather for a company that manufactures sports cars, or a modern and fresh perfume with notes of bamboo for a sustainable manufacturing startup - together we will find the right fragrance for the company. Furthermore, the color of the leather cap can be adjusted in line with the CI. From a quantity of 10 bottles, we brand the individual company fragrance with your own logo. As a branded gift for employees or as a unique gift for your own corporate customers - with our individual company fragrance, an impressive accent can be set that will be remembered.

Signature, company, corporate scent


V for vanilla. The queen of spices grows as an orchid as a climbing plant around trees. Its fruit is the flavoring vanilla pod. There are over 110 different varieties, but the Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar spreads its aroma particularly well. The scent of vanilla is intense, sweet, warm and slightly woody with balsamic and tobacco notes. The vanilla gives each perfume a certain depth in its fragrance composition.

vanilla; vetiver; Vanilla Vibes, Velvet Orchid, Victor


W like workshop. Whether in our Perfumebar in Knesebeckstrasse or in our showroom in Dreilinden near Kleinmachnow - the fragrance journey can also be booked as an event or workshop for groups. Whether as a surprise at a bachelor(ette) party or as an experience for loyal employees or customers - we offer various workshop options. By the way, our guide is also worth reading: How does a perfume last longer?

Spicy, feminine; Dedication; Winter, Christmas, Appreciation, Wellbeing, Workshop, Wild Desires, Whisky




Z like the citrus fruit. The lemon stands for a sour liveliness. The popular lemon oil is obtained cold by squeezing the peel. Above all, the sweet and sour, light and above all refreshing note is used in the top notes of perfume and thus gives the perfume a certain lightness.

lemon; Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Atomizer