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Floral scents

Floral scents

What could be nicer than the scent of fresh flowers? Flowery perfumes are timeless classics and enjoy great popularity. The lovely scent of roses, jasmine or lily of the valley provides real spring feelings on the skin. Discover the wonderful fragrance world of flowers with our new Fragrance & Flower Box and let yourself be enchanted.



      "Floral fragrances" are particularly timeless, elegant and lovely. They are obtained directly from flowers and provide a fresh scent. At Birkholz, we only use high-quality perfume oils from the world's best manufacturers. This is how we can guarantee you the high quality and durability of our perfumes.

      Our perfumes with floral scents include Berlin Heaven, Flora Femina, Green Garden, Velvet Orchid, Berlin Lights, Iris N Wood and Iconic Oud. With our exclusive Fragrance & Flower Box you can put together your own individual collection.

      There are many different fragrance families, such as floral, woody, fruity, oriental or spicy. These help to separate different perfumes into different groupings. They can be used to create perfumes that are as individual as you are.

      Even if floral fragrances are often considered more feminine, they are of course also suitable for men. Especially in spring they provide the necessary lightness and freshness.

      Floral scents of birch wood

      Lovely, elegant and timeless

      Plunge into the wonderful world of flowers - with a perfume from the floral fragrance family. Floral fragrances are characterized by their fresh accents and lightness. In combination with other ingredients, they create particularly warm and multifaceted fragrance creations that you will fall in love with. Because the flowery notes ensure real fragrance explosions that are particularly beguiling. Both women and men can wear floral perfumes well, as they can be pleasantly fresh on the skin and are still light. The essences of violets, roses, jasmine and lilac are particularly popular. Precious flower essences can smell graceful, sensual, stimulating or airy-sweet. We particularly like to use flowery perfume oils in our creations, as they can be used to create multi-faceted fragrance compositions that never seem too heavy.

      birkholz parfuem
      birkholz parfuem

      Who do floral scents suit?

      If you like being in nature, you can't go wrong with a floral fragrance. They are suitable for both women and men, as they provide the necessary freshness and lightness. They look as beguiling as if you were lying on a bed of flowers. So it's no wonder that floral is one of the most popular fragrance families. Perfumers can create the different compositions, from excitingly modern fragrance experiences to the wonderfully fragrant bouquet in the flacon. With our new Fragrance & Flowers Box you can put together your very own box of our products with a surprise effect: In addition to our beautiful Infinity Roses, which last up to three years, the box contains various exclusive fragrance products from our collections. In addition to an Eau de Parfum from our Classic Collection, you will receive one of our scented candles and a body mist with six different fragrances. The boxes are also ideal as a souvenir for your loved ones or as a special decoration for events. Bring floral scents home and let yourself be enchanted!

      Birkholz - Noble perfumes from Berlin

      Perfumes are luxury products that are based on a complex manufacturing process. At Birkholz, we perfectly match every single nuance to be able to offer you exclusive perfumes. We always place the highest demands on our perfumes: they should underline the individuality of the wearer and be of the highest quality. We only use perfume oils from the five most renowned manufacturers in the world to make our creations an unforgettable fragrance experience. Our perfumes have a particularly long shelf life because we pay attention to a particularly high percentage of perfume oil. We manufacture each and every one of our products ourselves in our small Berlin manufactory and are constantly developing new fragrance experiences and promotions. Treat yourself to something nice and get our perfumes straight to your home.

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