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Citric scents

Citrus scents

Get the invigorating kick of freshness - with a perfume of the citrus fragrance family. They spread a good mood and smell wonderfully summery. From sporty-fresh to tangy-elegant, citrus fragrances can be used to create the most interesting fragrance compositions, which are especially good to wear in everyday life.

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      "Citrus fragrances" are obtained mainly from fruits and the flowers, leaves and stems of citrus plants. They spread a particularly fresh and pleasant fragrance that never seems too heavy. Birkholz uses only high-quality perfume oils from the world's best manufacturers. A high quality and long shelf life of our perfumes is always the focus of our work.

      Our perfumes with citrus scents include Pacific Drive, Citrus Splash, Ocean Hills, Wild Desires and Berlin Sky.

      There are many different fragrance families, such as floral, woody, fruity, oriental or spicy. They can be used to create perfumes, for example by combining citric with floral fragrance essences.

      Citrus scents of birch wood

      Lively, sporty, happy

      Citrous fragrances exude a good mood and bring freshness to everyday life. With their summery fragrance, we will take you to the coasts of the Italian Riviera or the Cote d'Azure. They are not only made from citrus fruits such as orange, tangerine or lime: bergamot also belongs to the fragrance family and has a unique character. Perfumes with citrusy nuances are very stimulating, but never smell too overpowering. In combination with green apple, coconut or water lily, the result is fragrance compositions that smell sensual and elegant and will satisfy your longing for sun, summer, beach and sea. At Birkholz, we attach particular importance to creating modern perfumes for true individualists who enjoy life to the fullest. With our sommelier sets you have the opportunity to combine several small bottles. They are also suitable as a gift for special people who you want to give a special treat.

      birkholz parfuem
      birkholz parfuem

      Who suits citric scents?

      Are you a rather sporty and uncomplicated type? Then perfumes with citrus notes are just right for you. Especially if you are often plagued by wanderlust for Mediterranean coastal regions, the uncomplicated fragrance compositions create a holiday feeling. Ladies smell particularly elegant and yet unobtrusive with citrusy nuances. But they also provide the necessary freshness for men. Whether for a business lunch or a special occasion: Citrus perfumes never smell too obtrusive, but still exude a touch of sensuality and passion. At Birkholz, we currently have five perfumes from the fragrance family in our range. Let yourself be inspired by the citric freshness in combination with the fruity lightness of our fragrances and don't make any compromises. Our fragrances have a particularly long shelf life and are of first-class quality that you can literally smell.

      Birkholz - Noble perfumes from Berlin

      Bring luxury into your home with our exclusive perfumes. We always set the highest standards for ourselves and our products, which is why we only use perfume oils from the five most renowned manufacturers in the world. Our perfumes are as special as our customers: from sporty-elegant to invigoratingly fresh fragrances, we have a wide variety of fragrance compositions in our range. Our perfumes have a particularly long shelf life because we pay attention to a particularly high perfume oil content of up to 25 percent. We manufacture each and every one of our products ourselves in our small Berlin manufactory and are constantly developing new fragrance experiences and campaigns that will inspire you. Take a look around our online shop and let yourself be carried away into the wonderful world of our luxury perfumes.

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