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Spicy scents

Spicy scents

Follow the call of the Orient and let yourself be carried away by perfumes with spicy scents in 1000 and 1 nights. Perfumes with spicy scents smell particularly exciting and ensure a sensual fragrance experience with the warm notes of exotic spices. Let yourself be seduced and discover perfumes by Birkholz ranging from the austere to the sensually elegant!



      The spicy fragrance family gives perfumes a tart to elegant aroma and is often referred to as "oriental". Spicy scents are obtained from exotic spices such as patchouli, nutmeg, but also vanilla. Men smell particularly masculine and tart, while women will enchant you with sensual, elegant nuances.

      Our perfumes with spicy scents include Berlin Fever, Amber Intense, Luxury Passion, Vanilla Vibes, Sunset Romance, Berlin Dream, Natural Savage, Cedar N Pepper, Royal Vetiver and Tobacco Sense.

      There are many different fragrance families, such as floral, woody, fruity, oriental or spicy. They can be used to create a variety of perfumes. At Birkholz, we make sure to create particularly exclusive fragrances that underline the individuality of our customers.

      Spicy scents of birch wood

      Glamorous, lively, beguiling

      Oriental-spicy fragrances are particularly intense and sensual. Beguile your surroundings with spicy perfumes and spread glamour. Just a few splashes are enough to bewitch those around you with the scents from 1000 and 1 Nights. But even in everyday life, spicy scents intoxicate the senses and will put the world at your feet. Spicy nuances are perfect for both men and women. They smell lively, mysterious and underline your independence and individuality. It should only be the best for you, which is why we at Birkholz create particularly unique fragrance compositions that can take your breath away. Our Black Collection gives you the opportunity to discover our most exclusive fragrances for yourself. Join us on the trail of the ancient art of perfumery in the most remote areas of our earth: from the picturesque coasts of the Mediterranean to the outermost edges of Europe, to the deserts and oases of the Orient and the peaks of the Himalayas. Buy luxury in a bottle and enjoy the sensual promises of our spicy perfumes.

      Who do spicy scents suit?

      Are you a real free spirit who values ​​independence and is not satisfied with half measures? Then spicy fragrances underline your strong personality, with masculine-tart to feminine-sensual notes of exotic spices. Women in particular will turn heads with an oriental perfume and show off their femininity perfectly - sensual, beguiling, but never too obtrusive. Men, on the other hand, radiate irresistible self-confidence with spicy-tart perfumes. You win every argument and make an unforgettable appearance everywhere. Birkholz offers you 11 perfumes from the spicy fragrance family, which also appeal to the eye in puristic, modern flacons. Settle only for the best and buy one of our incomparable fragrances.

      Birkholz - Fine perfumes from Berlin

      Why should you settle for less than the best? At Birkholz you will find exclusive and modern perfumes of excellent quality. In our small Berlin manufactory, we create wonderful fragrance compositions that are second to none. We only use perfume oils from the five most renowned manufacturers in the world. These not only smell particularly unique and modern, but are also long-lasting. Each and every one of our products is distinguished by its exclusivity, because our customers expect only the best. Go with us on an incomparable fragrance journey and look around directly in our online store. There you will find not only perfumes, but also wonderfully fragrant candles, unique sommelier sets and many other products. You are getting married soon? Then get an individual wedding fragrance, wonderfully fragrant guest gifts or rent our perfume bar with fragrance experts for your wedding celebration.

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