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employee gifts
and events

For a thank you that comes from the heart.

Unique experiences for your employees

The pillars that support your company and give everything for your company every day. Say thank you with unique scented gifts with individual personalization or a boisterous employee event in the halls of the showroom or on the panoramic roof terrace.

Employee Gifts

Create a very personal employee gift with the fragrances from the Classic Collection and loving personalization options. Choose a custom cap colour, favorite scent and custom engraving for the perfect employee gift. In addition, you have the opportunity to organize a fragrance journey with an individual fragrance mixture for your employees in order to find the perfect perfume for each individual.

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team event
fragrance journey
Accompanied by our trained staff and our perfume sommelier Philip Birkholz, take your employees or customers into the depths of the art of perfume, dreamlike gardens and remote paradises on an individual fragrance journey in Berlin or in your home. A special kind of event that connects and lets creativity sparkle together and strengthens the team spirit of your employees. Loving, selected employee gifts in the form of an individual fragrance round off your shared experience.

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your common

fragrance experience

Go on a journey with the Perfume Sommelier that will stay in your memory forever and will be captured in a fragrance. For an exclusive employee gift and event as a team.

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Personal dedications

Show your team how important and valued every trait and personality is with custom engravings and dedications for a one-of-a-kind employee gift. Create a sensory experience and a story with the fragrances of the Birkholz Classic Collection or individual fragrance blends. An employee gift that shows how much you value your team and how essential the relationship, communication and cooperation is for you and your company.

fragrance journey
Birkholz Perfume Manufacture

Get away from everyday work together and spend unforgettable hours on the exclusive panoramic roof terrace. Team events, fragrance journeys, summer parties or anniversaries that we tailor individually to you and your guests for an exuberant and sunny get-together. At a joint team event in the Birkholz event location, let creativity sparkle and team spirit grow with unique concepts and scented trips lovingly adapted to your company, as well as scented employee gifts for your team.

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You can create unique fragrance blends together with the Birkholz perfume sommelier and personalize the flacons of the Classic Collection fragrances. Refine the flacons with individual engravings and choose the color of your favorite cap for a gift that comes from the heart. Co-worker gifts to scent your gratitude.

With us you have the opportunity to create a fragrance as a giveaway for your event. Have a fragrance blend created or choose one of the Classic Collection fragrances with a personal engraving and a beautiful leather cap in the color of your choice for a beautiful keepsake.

You can book a fragrance journey in the Birkholz showroom, on the panorama roof terrace, in the Berlin Perfume Bar or in your home. You can send inquiries about the prices and options to Our staff will create a tailor-made concept for your fragrance journey.

employee gifts

Show your employees an extraordinary and personal form of appreciation and say "thank you" with Birkholz. An employee gift that comes from the heart and an event that your colleagues and employees will never forget. With the individual personalization options for an employee gift that strengthens the unique connection to your company and a fragrance experience that captures this in its notes. Discover the perfumes of the Classic Collection with personal engraving options, fragrance mixtures and individual cap colors for a special kind of employee gift. For a team event, we offer you the option of a fragrance journey with our perfume sommelier and our fragrance consultants, where you can explore the world of You can immerse yourself in scents and choose your favorite scent together. No wishes remain unfulfilled here, from the fragrance mixture to the engraving, you can fulfill all wishes with your team fragrance journey as a superlative gift for employees. Say thank you with Birkholz employee gifts and event ideas.