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Hospitality scenting

A unique experience for your guests

Room scenting for your customers

Today, standing out from the competition is more important than ever. Scent marketing offers you the chance to expand your USP with high-quality scents. Transporting your company values ​​through scent makes Hospitality Scenting a unique way to stay in the memories of your customers. Scent marketing reaches your customers on a sensual level, ensures increased recognition and makes their stay unforgettable.

customer experience

Hospitality Scenting offers you the opportunity to create an even more personal experience for your customers. Thanks to the individual selection of fragrances, no two visits are the same and makes your stay a unique experience.

This ensures a high level of uniqueness. of your company primarily for increasing customer satisfaction.

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Exclusive fragrances from our collections that take your guests to dreamlike, paradisiacal places, unique beaches and impressive natural places.

Create a special kind of experience with Birkholz fragrances or your own creations. Discover the possibility of providing your rooms, lobby or suites with your guest's desired fragrance. A visit that will enchant your guests.

Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Since November 2021, our cooperation with the luxurious Waldorf Astoria in Berlin has represented the extraordinary opportunity to create a very personal surprise for your guests.

With a tailor-made scented menu and loving gifts for guests, the noble hotel offers a superlative luxury fragrance experience in its suites. Noble fragrances, luxurious suites, one unit for the perfect service and stay.

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Gifts for your guests

Scented surprises to enchant your guests and expand your USP.

Do you want to stand out from the competition and provide something special for your guests in addition to cosmetic products in the bathrooms of your house? Then discover the elegant sommelier sets with 4 x 3 ml luxury fragrance samples from our various collections and create a unique add-on for your guests' experience.

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your options

birkholz parfums display

Birkholz perfumes

Let your guests find the perfect room fragrance, the perfect gift or their new favorite fragrance from a selection of handmade Birkholz niche fragrances. Include an individual scented menu concept or the sale of handmade niche fragrances for a fragrant experience for your guests.

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decoration elements

Use the innovative decorative elements such as the elegant Fragrance & Flowers boxes for your home. You also have the option of using our scented candles or flower boxes as gifts or for purchase. A fantastically beautiful atmosphere with noble scents and eternal roses.


A Scented Menu is a number of scents you select, from which individually adapted room scents are created. From this selection, your guests can choose their favorite scent, with which your hotel room or suite should be scented. For the creation of a very special effect for your guests' stay.

A scented menu is particularly suitable for the hotel sector, but it can also be specifically adapted to other hospitality areas. Scented Menus focus on an even more individual and exceptional service for the customer and create a new guest experience.