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A perfume so sensual and seductive in a natural way.

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Seductive Rose

An innocent seduction

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Find your individual fragrance with the help of our online perfume sommelier

Your very personal scent should be as individual as you, it envelops you and becomes your second skin. Our perfume sommelier will find exactly the right notes for your fragrance. Just tell us step by step which picture suits you better!

What sort of a fragrance are you looking for? “

Creation of Individual fragrances

We are a family-run perfume manufactory from Berlin. With our brand BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture we have set ourselves the mission of supporting our customers with time and attention to detail. Besides the selection of our 25 fragrance creations we also offer recommendations for fragrance layerings, or offer you the possibility to mix your perfume individually.
This way we are able to find your very own, tailor-made fragrance.

The Birkholz Configurator

Birkholz configurator - we will find your own unique fragrance

This is how you experience your personal fragrance journey and your new perfume

With our bestsellers of the Classic Collection, such as Amber Intense
or Black Weed or any other Classic Collection fragrance you are able to call up the configurator and design various designs such as coloured caps, unique flacons or a special text for your loved ones…

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A taste of our perfume creation from Perfume

Sommelier Philip Birkholz

Philip Birkholz got inspired for the BIRKHOLZ fragrance creations on his journeys.

Each fragrance tells its own story.

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Birkholz Eau de Parfum Collection

Birkholz Perfume Manufacture – the perfume bar

The flagship store in Berlin – the new perfume manufacture at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin

Birkholz Perfume Store

start your fragrance journey and video!

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“In November 2017, a dream and an idea became reality! The #perfumebar has opened and I’m still totally overwhelmed…”

Philip Birkholz, Perfume Sommelier

It is precisely these sentences that give us at BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture goose bumps time and again.

In our 1:31 minute long image video we will take you behind the scenes of the store. As a traditional family-run company, customer proximity is very important to us. For this reason, we want to be close to our customers at all times and now introduce the Perfumebar, the exclusive new shop for unique fragrances and perfumes.

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Principle of Layering

With the method of fragrance layerering, different fragrances are combined in layers. To find a personal and individual combination, you will need a fine nose, the help of our perfume-sommelier, a little patience and two or more perfumes.

Fragrance Layering combines the different notes of a perfume consisting of the head, heart and base notes. The top note is the most volatile, mostly fresh and first perceivable from our nose. The heart note opens up the character of the fragrance: the usually stronger fragrances harmonise with the base notes, which determine the basic character of the perfume and also form the longest bond with the skin.

Men’s and women’s perfumes as well as unisex scents can then be layered together without any problems – the only prerequisite is that the notes always harmonise or complement each other. This is usually the case when the base notes are similar. By the way, the heavier fragrance should always be applied as the prime fragrance. Before spraying on the next layer, the first fragrance should be absorbed by the skin – so wait a little while. Layering – the spraying of the perfume on top of each other – combines the different scents into a completely new composition.

History of perfume

The word perfume is derived from the Latin “per fumumum” in English “through the smoke”, since the popular fragrances could only be obtained by heating or burning for a long time. The first origins of perfume can be found in 7000 BC in the world of the Egyptian pharaohs. In honor of the sun god Ra, resins and plant essences were burned at sunrise and myrrh and the sap of the balsa tree at sunset.

In ancient times, perfume was only available to the wealthy upper classes in the advanced cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. The common people had to be content with good smelling herbs and natural woods. The Phoenicians, a successful seafaring folk who crossed the oceans, finally spread perfume essences in the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa, where they soon became a popular accessory for daily hygiene.

Grasse, today’s “world capital of perfume”, had already become the centre of the perfume world with Venice at that time. The first beginnings of the perfume in Europe were leather gloves, which were refined with precious fragrance essences for the nobility. This is how the first large perfume houses developed in Paris during the time of the Sun King Louis XIV. The profession of the “perfumer” is born.

The extraction of fragrance essences and origin of our perfume oils

Distillation is the first method of obtaining perfumes that has been used since ancient times. Flowers are put into a kettle together with water and heated. The fragrances dissolve in the water vapour and condense in another vessel. Some flowers must be distilled immediately after picking to obtain the precious essence, while others can be dried beforehand.

Extraction, on the other hand, is a relatively new method from the end of the 19th century. The process consists of pouring a volatile solvent over flowers, leaves, wood or resins. This process is repeated until no further fragrance essences are absorbed. The solvent is then attracted with an evaporator. This keeps the so-called “concrete”, which is mixed with ethanol to obtain a plant wax that separates from the alcohol. After a final evaporation of the alcohol, an “absolute” is obtained. This process is often more productive than steam distillation.

Enfleurage is one of the oldest methods of obtaining fragrances, in which flowers are deprived of their scents with the help of fats. Two types of enfleurage are differentiated in the temperature of the fat. In “cold enfleurage”, sensitive flowers such as jasmine, violet or tuberose are pressed into the fat and thus release their scent very slowly. This process is repeated for months until the fat can no longer absorb any fragrance. In the “hot enfleurage”, the fat is heated and mixed with the flowers. By heating to 60 degrees, the flowers quickly release their scents. This method is much more time-saving. Alcohol can dissolve the scents from the fat. However, as the process is very time-consuming and costly, it is hardly used today.

The cold pressing is reserved only for citrus fruits due to the sensitivity of the essential oils. The oil-containing cells of the shells are broken open here. The essence contained therein is nowadays extracted by mechanical scraping.

Synthesis is used in modern perfumery. Reasons for this are the increasing demand, as well as species protection laws, which have effects on animal fragrances. Cibet, musk and beavergeil may only be produced artificially. During synthesis, fragrance essences are reproduced as precisely as possible in the laboratory. In most cases, these are molecules that correspond to the natural structure. As a main component of the rose, phenylethyl alcohol is reminiscent of hyacinth, lily of the valley and peony. Fragrance essences that are not available as natural extracts for economic or technical reasons. With the help of synthesis, completely new fragrances such as Aqua can also be developed. Unlike plants, their fragrance intensity is not subject to fluctuations depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Synthetic fragrances can sometimes be much more expensive than natural essences.

The difference between Perfume, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

With a fragrance concentration of 35%, perfume is the most precious fragrance available. Perfume is long-lasting and intensely perceptible. The emphasis is usually placed on the base notes.

Eau de Parfum is no less expressive, but belongs with a fragrance concentration of up to 14% in the middle range. In eau de parfum, the heart note is usually brought to the fore and thus defines the character of the eau de parfum.
Eau de Toilette has only a fragrance concentration of up to 9%. The focus here is usually on the top note with its fresh and lively notes.
The Eau de Parfum of the BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture is with a fragrance concentration of up to 18% above that of the conventional Eau de Parfum.

Unique perfumes – your own fragrance awaits!

Perfume Made in Germany – with us you can create your new fragrance according to your wishes
Every day we encounter scents. They move us. Trigger an emotion. They inspire you to dream. Let us embark on our very personal fragrance journey. The perfumes of Birkholz Perfume Manufacture are tailor-made and individually matched to offer their wearers their very own fragrance experience.

The Perfumebar in the heart of Berlin

With an own creation and above all your own perfume you are not only unique, but you are also something special! You can assume that no one has your personally created fragrance.
We want to create and make this feeling of uniqueness possible for you. In our perfume store, which we affectionately call Perfumebar, directly on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm with all its incredible history, you can create your very own fragrance.
In the store and also in our online shop you can find various flacons. Whether online or offline – you can choose the colour of the leather cap for your personalised flacon and engrave your new fragrance.

The personal fragrance journey in the store

We have prepared a special selection of our own fragrances for our customers who come to visit us in our perfume bar, the new perfume Store on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm.

BIRKHOLZ Perfumebar
Knesebeckstraße 55
10719 Berlin-Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)30 887 099 59
Montag – Saturday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

If you would like to have your own perfume consultation, make an appointment in advance and embark on your very own personal fragrance journey.

We are also available to business customers as well as all interested parties in the store for workshops, fragrance consultations and individual offers for private label. Bestow your business partners with special branded gifts from the BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture – your customers will be delighted and will remember it always.

The Birkholz concept in our online configurator

In the course of our home page we will explain to you in a small guided instruction how to get your individual fragrance in five steps:

  • Please visit our perfume shop
  • Afterwards you can see our products via the category button for fragrances & perfumes or our other categories accessories, fragrance jewellery and body & hair care.
  • In our category “Fragrances” we have some filters ready for you, where you can quickly configure your fragrance. To make it yourself a little more comfortable, you can go directly to the fragrance collection of the Berlin Collection or to the perfumes of the Classic Collection.
  • With our Classic Collection bestsellers, like Amber Intense, Black weed as well as any other women’s or men’s fragrances of classic collection, you can call up the configurator and create your own fragrances, chose the colour of your cap, unique flacons or write a special text for the loved one.
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