Pfirsich Parfum

Entdecke die warmen und fruchtigen Duftnoten von Pfirsich Parfums. Mit unseren Pfirsich-Duftkompositionen erlebst du pure Leidenschaft und frische, die dich den ganzen Tag lang begleiten werden. Hole dir das Gefühl von Urlaub und Sonne nach Hause  und lass dich von den unwiderstehlichen Aromen von Pfirsichen unserer Birkholz Kreationen verwöhnen.


The Birkholz perfumes that contain peach as a fragrance note are Mornings in Milano, Leather Trance, Seductive Rose, First Spring and Charm Mystery.

Our fresh and fruity perfume compositions are Mornings in Milano, Visions of Venice, First Spring, Berlin Heaven and Velvet Orchid.

Fragrances that contain musk are perceived as very clean and can make you smell like you've just showered. But perfumes accompanied by citrus scents such as bergamot or orange will also give you that fresh shower effect.

Neroli oil is extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange and has a fresh and delicate floral fragrance.

A fruity delight for the senses

Peaches are one of the most popular types of fruit in the world. The peach belongs to the stone fruit family and, like the nectarine and apricot, is a rose plant. The peach is particularly striking due to its velvety hairs and longitudinal furrow. The varieties range in color from yellow-green to orange and red, and the flesh can be yellow, white or even red. The fruity fragrance of peach perfumes is known for being very long-lasting and at the same time somewhat velvety in scent. This pleasant fragrance can contribute to relaxation and at the same time help to lift the mood and spread good cheer. Our recommendation for a wonderful peach fragrance is the eau de parfum Mornings in Milano. This fragrance is particularly suitable for warm days and for those who prefer a light and refreshing scent.

Summery lightness at any time of year

With their sweet and juicy scents, peach perfumes are the perfect summer fragrance. They can also cool you down slightly from the heat and give you more energy and zest for life. The combination of fruity and floral notes gives you an unforgettable experience for all your senses. Bring that summer feeling home with the wonderfully fruity scent of sun-ripened peaches. Let yourself be seduced by the irresistible peach aroma and experience sun and vacation every day. Whether for everyday wear or for a special date, peach perfumes are the perfect companion, enveloping you in a special charm and bringing you a little bit of summer every day.