Moschus Parfum

Die Nutzung von Moschus als Parfum Duftnote ist bei Weitem kein neues Phänomen. Schon seit Jahren begeistern Moschus-Aromen die Parfumwelt. Ursprünglich galt Moschus als kostbare Droge, die in der traditionellen Medizin in Indien, China und Persien verwendet wurde. Aus Artenschutzgründen wird Moschus heutzutage für die Herstellung von Parfums und anderen Pflegeprodukten rein synthetisch hergestellt. Die verführerische Wirkung des Parfums jedoch bleibt. Entdecke unsere Moschus Parfums und tauche in die Welt von Birkholz ein.


Musk fragrances are very popular, which is why we have several fragrances in our range that contain musk. These include Berlin Soul, Citrus Splash, Charm Mystery, Velvet Orchid, Pacific Drive, Amber Intense, Supreme Oud and Seductive Rose.

Musk, which comes from the male musk deer, is banned in this country and is not used at all, as the animals are highly endangered. Fortunately, there are processes to produce the wonderful fragrance from plants or synthetics that smell at least as good and without any animal suffering.

No! Musk is a perfect all-rounder for unisex fragrances due to its tart and sweet notes. Musk perfumes are excellent for both men and women.

The structure of the musk fragrance is similar to the messenger substances of pheromones. Although you cannot consciously smell these scents, they contain special messenger substances that can influence mating behavior in the brain.

Beguiling, wild and invigorating

Traditionally, the substance musk is of animal origin and comes from male musk deer. In many countries, "real" musk was in great demand and was widely used in Chinese and Arabic medicine. This muscon is an oily liquid that comes from the gland on the animal's belly. The male musk deer used the smell of the secretion to attract females during mating. Until the 1950s, the wild animals living in India had to be killed to obtain them. Since then, musk farms have been operated in China to extract the secretion by scraping out the musk sacs. As this practice is not environmentally friendly and harms the animals, it is banned in many parts of the world. Fortunately, nobody has to do without the unique smell. Muscone, the main ingredient in musk, is produced synthetically in the perfume world or extracted from essential oils of various plants.

The effect of musk perfume

The animal substance has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Musk was very valuable because it was said to have invigorating, invigorating, nerve-strengthening and antispasmodic properties. As the original fragrance contained pheromones, musk was also considered an aphrodisiac and seductive agent. Even today, musk perfume is considered a guarantee if you want to attract and seduce someone. The fragrance combines a certain animal note reminiscent of leather with a clear, sweet note. Together, this delightful bouquet of tart and sweet-smelling accords evokes the warmth of the human body. Musk perfume therefore conveys a seductive allure and a sense of security at the same time. Because of these properties, we at Birkholz like to use musk as an ingredient in our perfumes. The substance also adheres to the skin for a particularly long time and ensures a long-lasting fragrance experience. With the right dosage, musk is a wonderful accompanying note whose animal component is wonderfully subtle and lends our compositions a velvety and warm undertone.