Jasmin Parfum

Nicht nur optisch gesehen gehört Jasmin zu den schönsten Blumen. Sie wird auch “König der Öle” genannt, denn das Öl, welches aus den Blüten der orientalischen Pflanze gewonnen wird, ist aus der Parfumwelt nicht wegzudenken. Übersetzt aus dem Persischen bedeutet Jasmin “Duft”. Ein Duft, der seit Jahrhunderten Verwendung findet, weltweit ist Jasmin eine der meistgenutzten Duftnoten. 


Birkholz perfumes with jasmine include Charm Mystery and Velvet Orchid.

Yes, both women and men can wear jasmine perfumes well. Jasmine is one of the few floral fragrances whose aroma blends particularly well with other ingredients, making it ideal for unisex fragrances.

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Timeless, elegant, floral

The small white jasmine flowers are considered particularly precious and have been very popular in perfume production for centuries. The jasmine plant is a small shrub that is cultivated on a large scale for the production of scented oil. The most commonly used species for the production of jasmine perfume are Jasminum Grandiflorum and Jasminum Sambac. The production of the oil from the flower of the plant is very complex. The flowers have to be painstakingly picked by hand one by one. It takes around 8000 hand-picked jasmine flowers to produce just 1 gram of Jasmine Absolute. The plant originally comes from the Far East, particularly China and India, where jasmine oils have been used for centuries.

Who is jasmine perfume suitable for?

Powerful floral aroma composition with a powdery sweet character. Its unique, sweet and floral note goes straight from the nose to the head. Jasmine has an uplifting and at the same time calming effect. Fragrances with jasmine are ideal for spring. Jasmine perfume is particularly popular because of its intense floral yet delicate aroma. Nevertheless, jasmine is a true all-rounder and one of the few floral fragrances that is equally suitable for men and women, as the scent of the flower can be wonderfully combined with other aromas. If you are looking for a sophisticated yet unobtrusive fragrance, jasmine is just right for you. If you're not sure whether jasmine perfume is right for you, you can take the test with our online sommelier. Here you will receive fragrance suggestions tailored to your preferences. Simply answer the questions in our quiz and we will suggest several Birkholz fragrances that suit you.