Vanille Parfum

Vanille ist einer der am ältesten und am meisten verwendeten Duftstoffe der Welt. Mit den zarten Aromen der Vanille erlebst du warme, süße und einladende Duftnoten, die oft mit Geborgenheit und Wohlbefinden assoziiert werden. Unsere Vanille-Parfums sind die perfekte Wahl für alle, die einen klassischen, sinnlichen und ansprechenden Duft suchen.


Our fragrances that contain wonderful vanilla notes are Vanilla Vibes, Mornings in Milano, Romance in Florence, Charm Mystery, Black Weed, Dark Amber, Mystic Haze, Visions of Venice, Secret Rendezvous, Nights in Noto, Iconic Oud, Berlin Fever, Wild Desires, Berlin Dream, Seductive Rose, Exotic Journey and Amber Intense.

The sweet scent of vanilla has a particularly beguiling effect on men. The gentle scent of vanilla has a special appeal for men, making it a popular choice for feminine fragrances.

The vanilla fragrance smells sweet, powdery and also a little floral. In some cases, vanilla scents can also be tart and spicy.

For absolute vanilla lovers, we recommend the Vanilla Vibes fragrance. It exudes freshness and warmth at the same time and is particularly aromatic.

Sensual, classic, timeless

The breathtaking scent of vanilla has been known for centuries. It is one of nature's most classic fragrances that never goes out of fashion and never ceases to delight. Vanilla creates a very special fragrance that exudes a sweet and at the same time powdery and soft scent, but despite its sweet nuances is one of the intense notes. Due to its unique aroma, the scent of vanilla is a popular ingredient in many perfumes and is often used in the base note of a fragrance composition. But the vanilla aroma also works wonderfully on your skin when combined with sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka bean or musk in the base note of a perfume. Excellent vanilla fragrance recommendations for you are Vanilla Vibes and Amber Intense, Mornings in Milano and Dark Amber.

Vanilla, the scent of seduction

Vanilla has its origins in Mexico and is one of the most sought-after aromas in women's and men's perfumes, as it has an aphrodisiac and pleasure-enhancing effect and is associated with sensuality and class. The gentle scent of vanilla creates an allure that is particularly attractive to men, as it emphasizes a woman's femininity. Even in ancient times, women rubbed themselves with vanilla pods to make themselves more attractive to men, as vanilla fragrances have a strong aphrodisiac effect. A vanilla fragrance is therefore the perfect gift idea for your loved one. For your perfect date, a special occasion or even in everyday life, you can seduce your loved one with vanilla fragrances.