Tobacco Parfum

Lass dich von unseren unverwechselbaren Tobacco-Düften verführen und entdecke die Welt der warmen und unwiderstehlich ledrigen sowie zugleich auch blumigen Tobacco Parfums. Tabak-Parfums zeichnen sich insbesondere durch ihre lange Haltbarkeit aus. Die würzigen Noten verleihen dir Frische und können dir ein besseres Selbstsicherheitsgefühl geben. Bestelle jetzt die Birkholz Tobacco Kreationen.


The scents of tobacco fragrances smell tart and are particularly aromatic, but at the same time they also radiate a sweet warmth.

Oud, also known as Oudh, is a dark and oily resin that is extracted from agarwood and has an excellent fragrance. The production of this resin takes approx. 300 years, making oud a very expensive fragrance.

Perfumes that smell of tobacco include Tobacco Sense, Berlin Soul and Berlin Fever.

The special charm of tobacco fragrances

Tobacco fragrances are particularly sensual and have fascinated perfumers for centuries. They are warm and smoky and are reminiscent of the smell of fresh tobacco or the aroma of whiskey and cigarettes. Tobacco perfumes are perfect if you want to emphasize your strong and self-confident charisma, but also want to appear mystical and adventurous. Our recommendation for the perfect tobacco fragrance is Tobacco Sense. The composition of this fragrance consists of a smoky tobacco duet combined with incense essence and saffron threads. Calabrian bergamot, cardamom and lavender in the top note round off the fragrance perfectly. If you are looking for a new tobacco fragrance or simply want to discover the world of tobacco fragrances, we recommend ordering our Tobacco Sense, Berlin Soul and Berlin Fever fragrances in trial sizes.

The history of the Tobacco fragrance

Tobacco fragrances are warm, smoky and full of charm and charisma. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people discover the classicism, elegance and allure associated with this fragrance. The origin of tobacco fragrances dates back to the 16th century. It dates back to the 16th century, when Spanish sailors brought the tobacco herb to Europe. Tobacco then became a commodity and part of everyday life and was used by tobacconists from the 19th century onwards. It was also used in perfumes in the 19th century. Fragrance compositions were created that contained the spices of vanilla and cinnamon as well as the scents of musk, sandalwood and patchouli alongside tobacco.