Oud Parfum

Ein Duft, der dich in 1001 Nacht versetzt. Das orientalische Oud Duftöl ist längst nicht mehr nur im Nahen Osten beliebt, sondern hat sich auch hierzulande zum wahren Trend Inhaltsstoff entwickelt. Das aus dem Harz des Adlerholzbaumes gewonnene ätherische Öl begeistert Damen und Herren gleichermaßen. Lasse dich mithilfe des “Duft des Himmels” in ein Mindset von Wohlbefinden und Luxus versetzen.


Oud perfume is a wonderful way to wind down and relax. Its calming and very deep fragrance notes help to harmonize body and mind. Its cozy, warm aura is also often used as a meditation aid.

The oud perfumes from Birkholz are Supreme Oud and Iconic Oud. If you would like to try out the fragrances, you can also put together an individual perfume set with us. Choose four mini bottles (3 ml) and try several of our high-quality fragrances at once. Immerse yourself in the world of Birkholz Perfume and find your new favorite fragrance.

Oud is an absolute luxury good. Pure oud perfumes would be very expensive, which is why oud is usually found as a composition with oriental notes and vanilla accords. As the scented oil is very rare and difficult to produce, a kilo of purified resin costs up to 50,000 euros.

Exotic, sweetish, oriental

For centuries, it has been a tradition in Arab countries to set up incense burners in which oud scented oil is burnt at bazaars. Passers-by find the smell pleasant and bend over the jars so that their clothes and bodies smell of it. Perfumes with oud have a long tradition in Egypt and India in particular and are considered powerful aphrodisiacs. The extraction and production of oud has a tradition dating back thousands of years and is particularly complex, which makes the fragrance incredibly expensive and valuable. Oud comes from the wood of the eaglewood tree. In order to obtain the substance, the tree must be scarified and at the same time the wound must be infected by a specific mold. Oud is made from this special resin that is extracted. Aromatically, oud captivates with its smoky and woody notes. It harmonizes particularly well with sweet notes and only gradually develops its aroma.

Who are oud perfumes suitable for?

Traditionally, fragrances with oud oils were mainly produced for men, but nowadays you can also find numerous oud perfumes for women. Oud perfume exudes a special touch of warmth and sensuality. Oud fragrances are also used in small doses during meditation to calm the body and guide the mind. Embark on a fragrance journey through the Far East. If you love luxury and oriental fragrances, then an oud perfume could be just the thing for you.