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Infinity roses & fragrances combined in a unique rose box

Discover the unique combination of fragrances and infinity roses and be enchanted by the latest innovation from Birkholz. A sensation with a breathtaking surprise effect. Enveloped by the beautiful scents of the Birkholz niche fragrances, a colorful sea of ​​infinity roses shines.

How does it work

Step 1
Select Infinity Roses

Choose one of three beautiful Infinity rose colors for your Fragrance & Flowers box.

birkholz infinity rosen rosa rot weiss
step 2
Select customized content

Create a unique experience and choose your customizable scented content for a breathtaking surprise effect.

birkholz infinity rosen box mit duft
step 3
Let Infinity roses be scented

Choose your favorite Classic Collection perfume to scent your Infinity Roses with.

birkholz infinity rosen mit duft besprühen


The Infinity roses in the Fragrance & Flowers boxes can be scented with one of 25 fragrances from the Birkholz Classic Collection. You can make this selection in the Fragrance & Flowers box customization to give your infinity roses a unique scent.

The beautiful Infinity roses in red, pink or white have a shelf life of up to 3 years. The rose trays in the Fragrance & Flowers box Large and My Heart can be exchanged and/or freshened up. You can purchase the rose trays individually in our online shop.

If you customize your content and select a Birkholz fragrance from 25 Eau de Parfums from the Classic Collection, you will receive a price advantage of up to 69% on your fragrance in the Fragrance & Flowers Box Large. With the current limited promotion, you will receive one of 6 wonderfully scented body mists worth €49.00 as a free gift with your Fragrance & Flowers box large!

When customizing your Fragrance & Flowers box, you can choose between three different Infinity rose colors. You can also purchase the large and heart box rose trays individually in our online shop so that you can exchange your Infinity roses and their colors. The Infinity Roses are available in the colors red, pink and white for the Fragrance & Flowers boxes.

Your Fragrance & Flowers Box Large can be filled with one of 25 eau de parfums from the Classic Collection, one of 10 different scented candles and one of 6 fragrant body mists. Your My Heart Fragrance & Flowers box can be customized with one of the 25 Eau de Parfums from the Classic Collection and one of the 6 Birkholz Body Mists. Your Fragrance & Flower Box Medium can contain one of 25 Eau de Parfums from the Birkholz Classic Collection as a perfume or as 4 x 3 ml luxury fragrance samples. A 3 ml luxury fragrance sample from the 25 Eau de Parfums in the Classic Collection can be selected for your Fragrance & Flowers Box Mini. Your Fragrance & Flowers box with the beautiful Birkholz fragrance products and fragrant Infinity roses.

Exclusive fragrances

Discover the exclusive Birkholz fragrances of the Classic Collection and let yourself be carried away to the most remote and unique places in the world. With their fragrance notes, the 25 Eau de Parfums tell of the experiences and places of their sources of inspiration. Compositions that take you on a unique journey from the wild Almafi Coast of California to remote, breathtaking natural scenery to magical summer nights.

birkholz duefte zwischen blumen
birkholz haende zwischen rosen
Infinity roses

The beautiful infinity roses in the Fragrance & Flowers box create a floral experience for eternity. The real roses are handpicked and selected in an environmentally friendly process to preserve the beauty of the roses for years. The substances that cause the flowers to wither are removed from the selected roses in a dipping process and 100% natural liquid is subsequently absorbed by the roses. This complex process preserves the beauty of the Infinity roses for years, for your unique Fragrance & Flowers Box.

Fragrance & Flowers brings together the best

Fragrance & Flowers combines the exclusive and fragrant Birkholz collections with the beautiful and long-lasting Infinity roses. A flower box that creates an almost magical connection between fragrance and flowers. Discover the fragrant Infinity rose boxes with a breathtaking surprise effect. Fragrance & Flowers is your favorite infinity rose box because it can do more than the others.

birkholz rote infinity rosen in weissen boxen


Fragrance & Flowers symbolizes the connection between fragrances and flowers. The Fragrance & Flowers boxes are the only ones on the market with luxurious fragrance content and fragrant Infinity Roses.

The possibility of customizing your personal Infinity rose box makes Fragrance & Flowers a magical and unique product.


Fragrance & Flowers not only creates a unique connection between exclusive fragrance products and infinity roses, but also takes the essential idea of ​​sustainability into account. The unique and innovative boxes are made from 3mm recycled wood. You also have the option of replacing and/or refreshing your Infinity rose trays individually. This creates a new way to use your Infinity rose boxes indefinitely and avoids the need to replace the box as a whole.


Fragrance & Flowers boxes are the first Infinity rose boxes that merge the connection between fragrances and flowers into one product.

Discover the individualized Fragrance & Flowers boxes with the exclusive Birkholz fragrance products and beautiful, interchangeable infinity roses and be enchanted by the innovation of the flower boxes.


The Fragrance & Flowers boxes from Birkholz Perfume Manufacture create unique possibilities for customizing your Infinity rose box. Choose your beautifully scented Birkholz products, Infinity Roses and the fragrance for your Infinity Roses to create your Fragrance & Flowers box. A gift as special and individual as you are.

price advantage

When customizing your Fragrance & Flower box, you get a price advantage of up to 69% on your selected Birkholz fragrance products. For a limited time, we are also giving you one of the 6 magically scented Body Mists worth €49.00 free with your Fragrance & Flowers -BoxLarge.

Fast delivery

Receive your individual Fragrance & Flowers box within a very short time for a perfect and fragrant surprise effect. Delivery within Germany: 1-3 working days