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Green Garden

A summer night ball in the castle garden

    • 12 €
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  • A fragrance in a particularly exclusive flacon, made in Berlin.
  • Fragrance: green, fresh, sporty, for the day
  • Fragrance families: fruity, floral
  • Top notes: Green Bamboo, Eglantyne Rose
  • Heart notes: White freesia, jasmine, rose
  • Base notes: musk, sandalwood, white amber, tuberose

149,00 230,00  / 100 ml

    • 12 €
incl. 19%. Gst. plus Shipping costs

149,00 230,00  / 100 ml

A perfume, like an evening fresh garden with intensely fragrant flowers, juicy grasses and fine woods – light evening dew lies on the white flowers of the densely planted tuberoses. Further back, freesias seem to sway to the rhythm of the violin. The light evening wind envelops the festive dresses with the notes of the rose garden.

Green Garden is a fragrance that reflects the elegance of the castle garden in its variety of roses: beguilingly floral with a light freshness.

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Ingredients you experience in this order

  • Kopf


    • Green bamboo
    • Eglantine Rose
  • Herz


    • White freesia
    • Rose
  • Basis


    • Tuberose
    • White Amber
    • Musk
    • Sandalwood