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Endless Moment

A moment to hold on to

    • 12 €
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  • A fragrance in an elegant flacon, made in Berlin.
  • Fragrance: romantic, modern, delicate, sweet, for the day
  • Fragrance families: flowery, fruity
  • Top note: Tangerine, Raspberry
  • heart note: Peony, Mayrose-Absolue
  • Base note: amber, musk, patchouli

149,00 230,00  / 100 ml

    • 12 €
inkl. 19% Mwst. zzgl. Versandkosten

149,00 230,00  / 100 ml

Between the hustle and bustle on the summer terrace, a light touch suddenly stops time. The sweet scent of roses is in the air. Glances meet and make the moment appear eternal. The faces, almost frozen by the sudden attraction, slowly loosen up into a smile.

Endless moment is a fragrance for romantics: fruity and floral.

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  • Top notes

    Top notes

    • Mandarine
    • Raspberry
  • Middle notes

    Middle notes

    • Peony
    • May rose absolute
  • Base notes

    Base notes

    • Amber
    • Musk
    • Patchouli