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Here we have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Questions about the product


BIRKHOLZ is the new perfume sommelier in the heart of Berlin. The company has set itself the task as a fragrance consultant to assist and support its customers with time and attention to detail in the search for their own, individual perfumes.

What products does BIRKHOLZ produce?

BIRKHOLZ offers its customers a range of 25 different perfumes in two separate collections. An extended selection of “fragrance jewellery”, wonderful perfume atomisers for the handbag and individual gift sets, as well as high-quality argan oil products round the range off.

Where and how should I wear my perfume?

Directly on the points of the skin where you can feel the pulse, e.g. on the wrist or throat. The connection that the perfume forms with the skin bestows the scent chords with a very personal, individual note. If you prefer to preserve the original scent development, we recommend wearing the perfume on clothing or in fragrance jewellery, since the scent will not be influenced if it has no contact with the skin. The perfume should only be applied to the inside of clothing or the lining, in the case of delicate fabrics, in order to avoid staining. The advantage of fragrance jewellery over application on clothing is primarily the longer-lasting effects of the fragrance.

What is fragrance jewellery?

Fragrance jewellery is jewellery which first absorbs the scent through application of the perfume, then stores this and emits it over a longer period of time. In contrast to normal jewellery, it is manufactured in such a way that direct contact with perfume does not cause discolouration or other material damage.

What is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette?

Both have the same olfactory basis but each formula has its own variation with regard to the scent chords, which amplify or optimise various effects. The difference is often in the concentration of perfume oil. Because of its lower concentration, an eau de toilette is much lighter and loses its scent much faster than an eau de parfum.

What makes the BIRKHOLZ perfumes so unique compared to other fragrances?

BIRKHOLZ uses only top-quality perfume oils from the five most reputable and largest perfume oil manufacturers in the world. These concentrated perfume oils are also suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to a balanced mixing ratio, the perfumes are long lasting – one spray is enough for an intense and long-lasting scent.

What distinguishes BIRKHOLZ from other perfume manufacturers?

BIRKHOLZ is the only provider with a perfume bar. As a real boutique manufacturer, we offer the customer a very special shopping experience with our own filling facility, the option of custom fragrance and packaging combinations, an inscription machine and personal advice. BIRKHOLZ offers a place where perfume once again becomes an exquisite experience in a very unique way and, with the help of a personal signature, creates significance and meaning.

What is the best way to store my fragrance?

Perfume is sensitive to light and heat. The flacon should therefore be stored in its original packaging and kept away from heat. A perfume that has been stored properly will generally keep for three to five years. Once it has been opened, it will keep for around a year.

Who produces the perfume and where do the ingredients come from?

BIRKHOLZ insists on the highest quality in the manufacture of the ingredients and the production of its 25 basic perfume notes of its own specially created fragrances. In order to provide the customer with the best possible perfume experience, he or she can choose from 25 fragrances in the shop and bottle them him/herself or have them bottled.

Why is the perfume so expensive?

The price for the customised perfumes are higher than those of other products of this type not only because only the best quality ingredients and perfume oils are used but also because they are produced to the highest of standards. Even the flacons are produced with the highest quality requirements: The Berlin Collection is BIRKHOLZ’s own creation, which has been implemented by the current leading quality glass manufacturer in the world. The hand-stitched genuine leather caps from Italy add not only great value to the end product but also a unique character. As a boutique manufacturer, BIRKHOLZ also offers the customer a unique shopping experience on several levels thanks to its own purpose-built filling facility, inscribing machine and comprehensive, personal advice and assistance. This of course leads to higher production costs.

Will the product portfolio be extended?

Yes, our range will be added to continuously with more fragrances, ideas and designs.

Customer service

Can the products also be purchased online or in other stores?

BIRKHOLZ offers the customer the option of purchasing individual fragrances in its own online shop. Distribution via other online shops or retailers is planned.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery usually takes 1 to 2 working days within Germany with express delivery and 2 to 3 working days with standard shipping. For deliveries throughout Europe or worldwide, please contact the service team: service@birkholz-perfumes.com.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or part of my order is missing?

In this case, please contact the service team at service@birkholz-perfumes.com or by telephone on +49 (30)81 45 77 8 -19.

Can I have my article wrapped as a gift?

Every article can be wrapped as a gift. Simply select the “wrap article as gift” option in the shopping basket.

Can I also collect my online order in the shop?

Every online order can also be picked up from the shop. Payment must be made in advance when placing the order, however. Please check opening hours when collecting your order from the shop.

How can I personalise my fragrance?

After choosing your fragrance, simply click on the “configure flacon” button and enter your personal text. Then select the font and the letters that are to be inscribed on the packaging.

Unfortunately, no changes can be made once the order has been submitted. In addition, personalised fragrances and articles with inscription are excluded from exchange and return.

How can I put together my fragrance?

A fragrance can be put together according to your own personal wishes in the perfume bar from an exclusive selection of various scent characters, flacon shapes and sizes, caps and packaging. Additionally, an inscription on the packaging can give the fragrance an extra special, personal touch.

What methods of payment does BIRKHOLZ accept?

The following methods of payment are available:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • Visa card
  • Mastercard
  • American Express card

Of course, cash is also accepted in the shop.

How can I redeem a discount or voucher?

You will find a “Redeem voucher” field in the shopping basket. Please simply enter the corresponding code there.

I have forgotten my password What can I do?

Below the login area you will see a “Forgot password” function. Click on it to request a new password by email. This will be sent within 30 minutes of making the request. Should you have problems receiving the email, please contact service@birkholz-perfumes.com. The service team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can I have a sample of the scent in advance?

Yes, we offer our customers a test set. The set contains 4 different fragrances, which you can select yourself, and costs €24. The amount will be credited against your first order worth over €100. The credit code will be sent by email and applies for one order only.

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