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Scented Candles Sets

Scented Candles Sets

A perfect gift that bathes the cold days in a shimmering and comfortably warm candlelight.

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      What makes Birkholz Scented Candle Sets so special?

      The fragrant candlelight of the Scented Candles Sets enchants and creates a unique atmosphere for your home. The elegant packaging of the sets features innovative aroma diffusers so that you can discover your favorite scents before unpacking. A gift idea for the very special people in your life.
      Five different sets will take you away from beautiful beaches, heavenly backdrops, to cozy winter moments.
      Are you still looking for a gift that will make your loved ones shine? Then give away comfortably warm and fragrant candlelight with the Scented Candles Sets from Birkholz

      The 60g Mini Scented Candles are made from 100% soy wax and have a single burn time of 12 hours. For a long lasting and perfect gift for your loved ones.

      The Scented Candles Sets feature innovative aroma diffusers that are attached to the side of the exclusive packaging. With these it is possible to test the scents of the candles before unpacking them and to find your favorite notes. A perfect gift idea as you can discover the scents before giving them to find the perfect scents for a gift from the heart.

      With the Birkholz Scented Candles sets you can not only bathe your home in fragrant candlelight, but the sets also offer a wonderful gift idea to warm up your loved ones in the cold season. The innovative aroma diffusers offer you the opportunity to present the scents of the candles even before you unpack them, for a perfect gift and enchanting scents for the home.