Marina Holthaus

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

The clouds disappear and the first rays of sunshine cast long shadows on my way this morning. February is showing its best side this year. The windows are decorated with crystals of ice and the trees are snow-white from the frost that covers them. I take a deep breath, the cold winter air flows through my lungs.

Like every other morning I leave early in order to walk my way, allocate my thoughts, waking up and above all to enjoy the beauty of nature. I’m late, so I’m speeding up my pace. At this time of the day the city is not busy, only a few people that cross my path. A hint of freshly brewed coffee excites me as I walk past an open window.

All of a sudden, shops begin to open their doors. Heart-shaped balloons, love cards, a sea of rose bouquets, as well as chocolate bars wrapped in pink tissue papers start surrounding me. I can already perceive the florist a street ahead before he’s even in sight. The aroma of the great amount of flowers flow hundreds of meters far. A cluster of people has already gathered itself in front of the shop. They all are waiting in the trembling cold to surprise their loved ones with a rose. This scent – how I wish I could take it with me. However, with my non-existent knowledge towards plants, they would most likely not survive for two days. Besides, I have to go on and I don’t have the time to get in the queue.

My way leads me through a small forest, my favourite part of the route. Here, far off the roads and its engine noises, it suddenly is unbelievably quiet. It’s like flipping a switch, muting the world. Even though the forest is rarely green this time of the season, the few fir trees are enough to surround me with the incomparable scent of nature.

It’s getting louder; the road is back in sight. On the last part of my route I have to fight my way through the traffic jungle. Stressed people, some of which carry bouquets of flowers in their hands, red lights, unpleasant whiffs of exhaust fumes, honking cars and the hectic cyclists! I notice a young mother who desperately tries to bring her three children to school on time. And that’s when it hit me. Before I could even react, a cyclist knocked me down. Luckily, except of a little scare, nothing tremendous happened to me. As I look up I stare into the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen.

I turn around the corner and there you are. I am completely astonished and happy at the same time.

It’s been 365 days since I crashed into you. I have to smile. Your hand holds a rose and perfume, the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. The engraving on the bottle “Love at first sight” could not be more perfect.

Green Garden “smells floral, fresh and light, as it reminds me of my morning strolls through the streets, past the flower shop all the way to the small forest. The morning that changed everything. The day you stepped into my life. Now I hold our very personal story in a Flacon.

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