Marina Holthaus

Sensual journey through time

A crowd of people push into the carriage; densely packed in together, strangers are closer than I’m comfortable with. Italian, Spanish, English all blends into a monotone babble. Each thinks over the day, checks the news on a mobile phone. From somewhere comes: “How do you manage never to get any older?” Next stop: Stadtmitte. Passengers hurriedly make their way out and new ones squeeze their way in again. The doors only manage to close at the second attempt.

Suddenly a familiar fragrance wafts past my nose. Your black curls dance with the rhythm of your stride. Your steps sound even and muffled on the forest floor. Surrounded by pine trees, we’re on our way through a small forest to the beach. Morning dew still beads on the pine needles and allows their scent to rise, steaming lightly in the morning sun. The herbal fragrance of lavender hangs in the air.

We were young. We were free. We were naive. The first holiday with the first true love. I virtually inhaled your scent. Loved it. I will always remember the fragrance of your perfume. As unmistakable as you were for me. So fresh and green with a woody tone.

Today, 13 years later, that scent draws me in just as it did back then. I open my eyes again and whilst my memories still linger, the man whose scent took me on this journey into the past has already gotten out. Potsdamer Platz. With a smile on my lips, I leave the over-crowded U2 and join the flow of the rush hour.

A crowd of people push into the carriage; densely packed in together, strangers are closer than I’m comfortable with. I consider waiting for the next train but time is not on my side. I have a dinner date and don’t want to keep Anna waiting. It’s our fourth date. I’m looking forward to seeing Anna, to the fragrance that meets me when she greets me. Her perfume emphasises her lightness, her beaming smile and her sensual way that draws me to her like magic. Excitedly, she had told me that she had selected the fragrance according to her own tastes and requirements with the help of a consultant. I had remembered her tip about the Perfume Bar and am surprising her today with the fragrance that I selected for myself:

Berlin Sky – a homage to freedom under Berlin’s skies, with a fresh top note through to a woody base note.

Arriving at Ku'damm, I hurry to the restaurant and look forward to the evening.
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