Christin Scheppan

For you

Her heart is full of love, warm and with a lust for life. She approaches people with an open friendliness and her enchanting smile had me spellbound from the very first moment. Her happy manner is simply infectious. But once you get to know her, she also shows her sensitive and apprehensive side, a side of her that I love infinitely and that awakens my protective instinct.

She is dependable, optimistic and organised to the core. She likes to be well prepared and can be a little idiosyncratic. Her strength and energy never fail to impress me and I can always count on her. In my eyes, she is absolutely beautiful, even if she often doubts it herself.

Her head is full of humour and crazy ideas. She can be pretty sillyand she’s always fun to be around… She is smart and curious and, despite her happy nature, she can sometimes become quiet and thoughtful from one moment to the next. That makes her unbelievably interesting and it’s never boring to be in her company.

That’s how you are to me. Today is your birthday. And this year I want to give you something extra special because for the last two years you have selflessly and unconditionally put yourself and your needs behind those of our first-born child. How often at the beginning did you sit crying at home – first of all because your body was no longer like your own and then because the interrupted nights, the uncertainty and the many new things took their toll. Today you are the perfect mother and give me and our son all the love you have to give. You bring calm and order to our turbulent family routine and still manage a balancing act between kindergarten and your own job. I know that it isn’t always easy. I’m tied up in work and often have to stay later or am out of town.

You are not only my wife and the mother of my child – you are my greatest role model. You deserve the best every day but on your birthday today you deserve the best of the best. Finding this special something wasn’t easy. Aimless, I ran from jewellery store to boutique. I even found myself standing in front of a travel agent. But nothing “clicked”. Nothing lived up to what I wanted to give you. But then: Yesterday I was walking down the street and discovered this new shop. I went in, a wonderfully fresh scent filled my nose and the atmosphere immediately captivated me. The salesperson recognised my dilemma at first glance and promised that together we would find this very personal perfume that would tell the story of our life together. I had no idea that perfumes were made up of three different notes and kindle that special something in their composition.

Now I know: A perfume is made up of a top or head note, a middle or heart note, and a base or core note. The scent that you smell immediately after spraying the perfume should be fruity and fresh. The fragrance of mandarin and raspberry gives way after a few moments to the middle note: Peony and may rose suit your flowery nature perfectly. The base notes of amber, musk and patchouli bring an individual touch since they smell differently on every person’s skin.

Together with the consultant, I decided on a fragrance that described you. I picked out the flacon and the colour of the cap with your tastes in mind. Of course I took the pink colour that you love so much at the minute. I had a personal message to you engraved on the platelet.

And here it is, my perfect gift to you: the “Endless Moment” fragrance by Birkholz. I hope you like it because you’ve more than earned it.

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