Theresa Cyankiewicz

One year and 16 days

We stood in the grove in Andalusia, surrounded by orange and lemon trees. It was April and the air smelled of the white sea of blossoms that surrounded us. We wanted to unwind. Simply get away from it all. The short break hadn’t been planned long – we more or less spontaneously packed our bags and rented the finca for a week.

When I look back over the last few years, many moments that have defined us as a couple come to me. My memories evoke the smell of the popcorn that we bought in the cinema on our first date: for you classic, and for me sweet and salty mixed. We were still finding crumbs in our clothes hours later. We both like the aroma and bitter taste of beer. We have grinned at each other mischievously so many times at the confused look of the waiter when we both order a cool beer in a restaurant to accompany a French dinner. I still remember the scent of coffee in the train station when we always had to say goodbye to each other on a Sunday at the beginning. But we looked forward to that smell again when Friday came around.

Of course we had our altercations from time to time. I distinctly remember the smell in our first apartment together of your old books that you always brought back from the flea market, beaming with joy, and your face when I immediately aired the place out, even in the middle of winter. And you’ll probably never forget the spicy aroma of the Indian food that I love so much but that you can’t stand… And then there was that peculiar smell in the air in the hospital, a mixture of disinfectant and rubber. All the little everyday quarrels were forgotten after you had your back operation and we enjoyed the aroma of the “welcome home” apple pie all the more.

I was speechless, touched, and had to laugh. It was perfectly imperfect.

So there we stood – a year and 16 days ago – surrounded by orange and lemon trees, fresh air and the aromatic scent of the Andalusian landscape. Quite untypical of you, you touched the branches of the trees, smelled the blooms and broke off a particularly beautiful twig. As spontaneously as we had decided to come on this holiday, you now proposed to me, with no ring in your pocket but with these lemon blossoms in your hand. I was speechless, touched, and had to laugh. It was perfectly imperfect. I will never forget this moment. A moment of happiness. Now, every time I smell lemon, I notice that the memory of it puts a smile on my lips.

One year and 16 days later, it’s time. It’s our day. The preparations were no fun and games: the right photographer, the perfect dress, the right location – for weeks we searched long into the night until at last everything felt right. Instead of Andalusia, we’re standing here today in this country estate with its fruit orchard. I’m already very excited about how it will be to stand opposite you in two hours under the apple and pear trees to at last say, “I do”.

I’ve long thought about what I can give you on this special day as a present. It has to be something personal and individual. Something that connects you and me. And then it suddenly became clear. I want us always to be able to remember that one day. One year and 16 days ago in April in Andalusia. It should smell of lemons and oranges and aromatic country air – fresh and free. And it should be for both of us.

I chose the “First Spring” perfume by Birkholz to always remind us:

The middle note is fresh and flowery with the scent of freesia and jasmine.Sandalwood, cedarwood and musk are the base notes of our fragrance.

The scent that immediately envelops us is that with which I associate our moment. The top note is fresh and citrusy. It smells of lemons, peach and apple blossom.

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