Marina Holthaus

Behind the Scenes

The coffee runs through the machine and exudes its warm scent. Admittedly, it has a lot to do this morning, due to the fact that it’s still dark outside and it’s five o’clock in the morning. We have a tight schedule ahead of us because we are shooting the image film of Birkholz Perfume Manufacture. Punctually to the minute, Angela, our model arrives. The early hours seem to slightly reflect on her face too, but the make-up artist will do her best. Immediately we start with make-up, hairstyling and the wardrobe. With Angela being ready, we make the final check to see if all the props have been thought about. A bouquet of fresh roses, raspberries, an umbrella if it rains and tea and coffee to warm up in the cold. We’re leaving. Just in time for the sunrise at 7: 15h to be at the first location.

Anyone who experienced an outdoor shooting in winter knows that every minute of sunlight counts. At the first shooting location, the Brandenburg Gate, we meet the camera team. In good mood and motivated, we shoot the first scene: Angela nestles to a tree, breathing in the fresh scent of wood. In the plot, the protagonist follows different scents around the city of Berlin. In parallel, the perfume – sommelier Birkholz is creating a fragrance at the perfumebar Berlin that exactly matches Angela’s wishes: wood, rose and raspberry. In the end, Angela moves to the Birkholz Perfume Manufacture. Here she is already expected and receives her own personal perfume.

However, until then it is still a long way to go. Angela walks through Berlin in her airy dress and camel brown boots. The frosty weather, not even the thick wool socks she wears in her shoes make her seem cold- she is a full professional. In each short break though, we hand her a warm coat and her hot tea, in order to not cool down the mood on set either. We are now located at the Victory Column, another landmark of Berlin. The Goldelse, as the Berliners call their golden angel, also devotes a separate bottle to Birkholz in the Berlin Collection. At this point of the film, Angela meets a woman wearing a bouquet of fresh roses. The scent of the flowers captivates her for a moment – roses should not be missing in Angela’s perfect fragrance.

The last stop is the Kurfürstendamm. In this scene, our protagonist strolls along the shop windows and eats fresh raspberries. In a perfume, the note of a fruit is known to develop a refreshing and invigorating effect.

After this scene, the freezing is over for the time being. We move into the warm Birkholz Perfumebar Berlin. After a short break, the most complex part of shooting begins. We need a substantial amount of detailed shots of the perfume bottles, the handmade leather caps, the filigree engraving machine and the impressive, self-constructed filling machine. Every dust grain, every fingerprint and every shadow can affect the final result, therefore all eyes are focused. The light is set, the bottles and machines polished one last time. The camera captures in every detail how Philip Birkholz, the in-house perfume – sommelier, prepares the perfume for Angela with time and attention to detail. He notes down on paper which base, heart and top notes should be included in the perfume. Of course it’s wood, rose and raspberry. Impressive pictures are especially created while Philip fills the perfume at the perfumebar, which forms the heart of the store. Finally, he engraves the golden plate for the packaging with the words: For Angela.

Besides on screen, Angela now receives her own individual perfume, which was created by Birkholz with time and passion: PERFUMES. MADE BY YOU, IN BERLIN. uses cookies to ensure you the best service possible. When you keep on surfing on this page you agree to the cookie usage.