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Fragrant self-fulfilment with personal advice – The BIRKHOLZ concept

The fragrance of a freshly picked rose, a potpourri of various spices, the interaction of different scent compositions: we have invested a lot of time in the selection of precious perfume oils and have travelled the world for inspiration in the combining of the different notes. BIRKHOLZ is a family-run company that has set itself the task as a fragrance consultant to assist and support our customers with time and attention to detail in the search for their own, individual perfumes.

As a perfume sommelier, we understand how meaningful the right fragrance can be. It not only highlights moments and turns them into something special but is also part of the wearer’s own personality. Every perfume should therefore be as individual as the person who wears it. We want to make this individualisation something that our customers can experience.

Our exquisite perfumes as well as the selection of our own, specially created flacons and caps with hand-produced leather in the most varied of colours and their own inscription have thus been made available both in the perfume workshop and in the online store. This means that every perfume has its own significance and tells the very personal, individual story of the wearer. For a truly consummate perfume experience, we also offer our customers a selection of high-quality beauty products and our own, specially designed fragrance jewellery.

We want to make buying a fragrance a treasured experience once again, and support our guests as experienced fragrance consultants through every step of the creation process.

The Perfume Bar

Arrive. Feel at ease. Linger
The Perfume Bar

A sea of different fragrances wafts through the air, hustle and bustle meets ambling passers-by – the pulsating diversity of Berlin is condensed into this one spot. In Knesebeckstrasse, not far from Berlin’s Ku’damm thoroughfare, we want to present our guests with a unique shopping experience for all the senses. In our premises, they can set off on their own personal journey and allow themselves to be captivated by the scent of the exquisite perfumes. Having arrived, they can allow themselves to take their time and give themselves over to this unique ambience.

The Perfume Bar forms the heart of our store; at the bar, customers can not only create their own individual fragrances but can also have these bottled. Always with a very special note and of excellent quality, but particularly with a genuine passion.

Our Perfume Bar and the exquisite fragrances whisk our guests away to faraway places or awaken long-forgotten memories – for a little break from the busy everyday routine.

"Fragrances are like souls of humans, you can feel them, without seeing them.“
Nasyr Birkholz —




For us, fragrances are as unique as life itself. They highlight the moment, awaken memories, and for many people are an expression of their personalities. Experience and create with us your own personal fragrance.



We believe in the power of a scent and, using our expertise, will find exactly the fragrance that you need. Individual, personal and with the perfect nose.



Our Perfume Bar is a place where fragrance once again becomes a quality experience in a unique way. Take the time to allow the fragrance to work its magic. For yourself or as a gift for a loved one.



Every one of our exclusive perfumes captivates with its unique aesthetics and a completely individual idea behind each fragrance. We whisk our clients away on a personal journey of fragrance and are curious about the personalities of each.



We not only have mutual respect for ourselves and our partners, but also place great value on the ingredients that make our fragrances so special. For this reason, we use only the highest quality perfume oils for the creation of the different notes and nuances of our perfumes.

Find your own fragrance

From delicate top notes, through the intense middle note to the enduring and individual base note – as perfume sommeliers, we assist our customers in the selection of the various scents for every fragrance composition. BIRKHOLZ not only provides customers with a selection of classic men’s and women’s fragrances but also focuses on the virtuoso graduation between dry and floral notes with unisex perfumes.

A family with vision and a fine nose

With his great love for the German capital city, Nasyr Birkholz wanted to create a sustainable brand and to invest in the region. For seven years now, he has focused on the field of perfumes.

the brand

Together with his sons Philip and Sven Birkholz he founded the BIRKHOLZ brand.

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