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A family. A manufacture. Your perfume.

We are a family-run perfume manufacturer from Berlin. With our BIRKHOLZ Perfume Manufacture brand, we have made it our task to support our customers with time and attention to detail.

The scent of a freshly picked rose, a potpourri of different spices, the interplay of different fragrance compositions - we have invested a lot of time in selecting the most precious perfume oils. And we've traveled the world for inspiration when putting together the sheet music.

As perfume sommeliers, we know how important the right scent can be. This not only underlines moments and makes them something special, but is also a part of one's own personality. Every perfume should therefore be as individual as its wearer. We want our customers to be able to experience this customization.

Our exquisite perfumes, as well as the selection of flacons specially created by us, caps with handmade leather in a wide variety of colors and our own dedications, are therefore available in the perfume factory and in the online shop. This gives each perfume its own meaning and tells the very individual story of the wearer.

We make buying perfume a valuable experience again and are at our guests' side at every step of the creation process as experienced fragrance consultants.

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