Gift tip: How to find the perfect scent

Are you looking for a fragrance as a gift? Let us help you choose the perfect scent.

1. Tip: Find the personal connection

Fragrances are something very personal and closely linked to memories. For example, the name, the history of the fragrance or a specific ingredient can be a personal connection to the person giving the gift and are good starting points when choosing the perfect fragrance as a gift.

2. Tip: The character counts

If you consider the essential character traits, preferences and lifestyle, you can usually find a fragrance that could be characteristically a good match for the wearer. For example, people who like spicy notes tend to prefer more intense and oriental notes.

3. Tip: Note the fragrance composition

The person receiving the gift should immediately like the scent, so the top note should match the taste. However, during the development of the fragrance, one should also pay attention to the heart and base notes. If the popular fragrance is known, it is also a good idea to give a fragrance with a similar fragrance composition.

4. Tip: Surprise the recipient

You can lure the person receiving the gift out of their comfort zone by positively surprising them with a new fragrance creation. For example with unusual fragrances, exotic spices or special editions.

5. Tip: Fresh Scents

If you don't know the person well, a pure or fresh scent is suitable. So-called feel-good fragrances appeal to everyone and can be worn by everyone. So you are on the safe side with the gift.